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If you are interested in the discovery, development or synthesis of peptides and proteins, TechnoPep can give you the technology to drive your programs forward … and we'll put that technology in your hands.


We are in the business of bringing cost-effective, scalable peptide synthesis tools to chemists in pharmaceutical companies. TechnoPep is not a drug discovery company. We leave that job to the experts - our customers.

TechnoPep has licensed and developed a synthesis platform that will transform the discovery, optimisation and manufacture of peptides and proteins. Our platform enables:

TechnoPep will supply you with the reagents and methodology to synthesise your peptidic APIs. The reward for our technology is built into the sales price of our reagents - so there are no protracted licence negotiations or "agreements to agree" at some future date! We will provide transparent costs now and in the future that are independent of your clinical success.

Help us to put our technology in your hands.

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