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The synthesis of new peptidic drug candidates and APIs presents synthetic chemists with ever greater challenges. As size and complexity increase, yields drop and purification becomes more difficult. Indeed some potential drug candidates remain beyond the reach of current synthetic methods.


An important breakthrough in overcoming these problems was Native Chemical Ligation, developed by Kent and somewhat extended by him and others. However this technology suffers from two critical limitations:

The requirement for one peptide fragment to contain an N-terminal cysteine.

The requirement for the second peptide fragment to contain a C-terminal thioester - functionality that is incompatible with standard solid phase FMOC synthesis.

We have now overcome these limitations. TechnoPep can provide a fully scalable synthesis platform that enables the ligation of almost any peptidic fragments, regardless of point of ligation - our General Native Chemical Ligation.


Syntheses and purification can be performed by our customers using reagents provided by us - we put our technology in your hands.

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